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False Claims Act

Fraud on the Government

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Kaiser Law Firm, PLLC represents whistleblowers who have evidence of fraud on the government and sue under the federal False Claims Act and/or analogous state False Claims Acts.  Cases may be brought based on evidence of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, other health care fraud against government payers, or other fraud in government contracting or other government programs.  

Geoffrey R. Kaiser, Esq, Principal of Kaiser Law Firm, is a former federal prosecutor for the Department of Justice who has investigated and prosecuted government fraud cases of all kinds and who has successfully pursued fraud allegations brought by whistleblowers under the False Claims Act.  He has also published and presented extensively on the False Claims Act and government fraud.  You can be confident that Kaiser Law Firm has the deep knowledge, experience and ability to properly examine and litigate even the most complex fraud cases.  Within the past year alone, Kaiser Law Firm has reached several agreements in pending False Claims Act cases – often referred to as “Qui Tam” cases – involving multi-million-dollar recoveries.

What Is Qui Tam?

“Qui Tam” refers to the provisions of the False Claims Act which permit private citizens – often referred to as whistleblowers – with evidence of fraud against the government to sue on the government’s behalf.  The False Claims Act rewards whistleblowers with 15%-30% of any recovery by the government.   The False Claims Act also authorizes whistleblowers to sue employers for retaliatory  actions taken in response to efforts by the whistleblower-employee to bring an action under the False Claims Act or to stop violations of the statute.

The Qui Tam provisions are designed to incentivize private citizens with knowledge of fraud against the government to come forward and assist the government in recovering taxpayer dollars taken through fraud.  The claim thus belongs to the government, and the whistleblower’s interest in the lawsuit is derivative of the government’s claim, as authorized by statute.

Lawsuits brought under the False Claims Act can come from any industry where government funding is implicated.  False claims are defined extremely broadly under the law to include any request or demand for money or property that is presented to a government official or to any contractor, grantee or other recipient, if the money or property is spent to advance a government program or interest or if the government provides any part of the money or property.  Generally, anyone with evidence of government fraud can be a whistleblower and sue under the False Claims Act.

Kaiser Law Firm can assist in evaluating the merits of a whistleblower claim and designing a litigation strategy for prosecuting that claim effectively. If you are aware of fraud being perpetrated against the government, the False Claims Act may be available to you in pursuing claims on the government’s behalf and sharing in any resulting recovery. If you think you may have evidence of such fraud, and wish to discuss the potential for instituting a lawsuit under the False Claims Act, please call or use the contact form on this website (https://kaiserfirm.com/contact-us/) and you will be contacted promptly for an evaluation of your allegations.

Contact a False Claims Act /Qui Tam Attorney

If you have information about fraud against the U.S. government, contact Kaiser Law Firm PLLC. We can help you determine if you have a case, and securely walk you through the process. For additional whistleblower news and information, visit our website (www.kaiserfirm.com) and tune in to our informational video on YouTube (https://kaiserfirm.com/contact-us/).

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