Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection

The street peddlers who can be seen hawking bargain-basement knock-offs of famous brands and pirated music CDs and movie DVDs are just the tip of a massive iceberg of counterfeiting and piracy activity.  These criminal networks operate in the shadows, are international in scope and impact virtually every industry and global brand on the planet. Pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, apparel, electrical components, food and beverage products, toys, cosmetics and personal care items are just some of the many products being counterfeited around the world on a daily basis.  The International Chamber of Commerce has estimated that counterfeit goods account for a staggering 5 to 7 percent of world trade, a market worth approximately $600 billion annually. To brand owners, that number represents corporate profits stolen through the criminal exploitation of their intellectual property, and the precious trust and loyalty that they have earned with consumers over many years and perhaps billions of dollars in brand development costs.  The harm, moreover, is not limited to lost company profits.  Counterfeit products can maim or kill consumers, causing severe reputational damage to brand owners as well as obvious public health concerns.

Kaiser Law Firm, PLLC is well-situated to assist brand owners in this area.  Mr. Kaiser has prosecuted traffickers of counterfeit goods, directed counterfeiting investigations in support of enforement actions and advised corporations on brand protection strategies.  Kaiser Law Firm, PLLC can support brand owners by:

  • Devising and implementing global anti-counterfeiting programs, internal protocols and best practices;
  • Devising global investigative strategies designed to measure and collect evidence of infringement, and overseeing investigation of the sources and methods of counterfeit/piracy activity, whether occurring online or through “brick and mortar” establishments;
  • Pursuing infringers through criminal and civil enforcement remedies;
  • Overseeing and developing protocols for online monitoring/delisting programs targeting suspect listings on business-to-business, auction, retail, and search engine websites;
  • Devising and implementing strategies to secure global supply chains and uncover risk in existing business partner relationships; and
  • Working with government agencies to protect client interests, including training and other assistance for customs officials to aid in the identification and seizure of counterfeit products

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